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Targeted customer engagment

Promote what matters the most for your current audience. Insights help to adapt and comply to changing environment

How It Works

Increase your bottom line


Capture video - know your audience

Use any surviellence camera to recognize your crowd in realtime using our intelligent pattern recognition models.


Enagage customer based on age gender and weather

Turn realtime insights into promotions and take targeted actions to engage.


Increase conversion

Targeted engagement leads to conversion. Adapt your product distrubution and resource allocation. insights based on location and time.


Services to improve

Targeted Promotions

Bring online targeting techniques to your floor. Engage your customer based on customer behavior and current conditions.

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Occupancy metrics - automated and manual counters

Track your traffic and adapt based on trends. Comply with Covid-19 occupancy mandates

Not ready for automated counting? Start a multi-entrance manual counter

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Higher conversions

Improved bottom line not just by improved conversions but by reducing shrink keeping track of foot raffic vs actual sales

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Start with a multi entry/exit manual counter.

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Unlimited Counters

Multi entry Counter

Occupancy metrics

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Combine with a surveillence camera to start automated benefits.

$ 199.99 / Mo

1 Camera

Automated Promotions

Automated Counting

Multiple Users

Predictive Analytics

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